Coude Catheter

A Coude Catheter is a catheter which has been fitted with a coude (bent) tip and is used to alleviate urinary retention and allows urine to drain from the bladder. Urinary retention which is defined as the inability to urinate can be caused by many factors such as an enlarged prostate (in men), kidney stones or worst cancer.  Urinary retention is most common in elderly men and can be very uncomfortable as the patient feels the need to urinate however cannot do so, increased abdominal pressure and pain when passing minimal urine.  The Coude catheter is used to treat urinary retention by facilitating the navigation of the catheter over the prostate gland by bending it in order to drain the urine from the urinary bladder. This catheter comes in a bent shape or form which gives support to its name which in French means elbow or bent shape. Coude catheter is primarily used to assist urination for men; however it can also be used for women as well.

The benefit of using a coude catheter is it provides a safe and painless way for patients to pass urine. If the bladder is unable to discard urine, especially when it is full, it can lead to further medical complications such as high blood pressure, chest pains, bladder stones and infections.

Coude Catheter


Currently, Coude Catheters can be purchased without a medical prescription at a pharmacy, medical store or online. Coude catheters can come in different sizes known as French. An increase of one French equates to a diameter increase of 0.33 millimetres and Coude Catheters generally come in sizes 8 French to 26 French.

It is recommended that you consult a medical professional or doctor before buying Coude Catheters to ensure that the size and requirements are right for you and to reduce the risk of further complications. Additionally, it might be wise to get a letter from your doctor to avoid any confusion or issues when buying.

With the increase availability of the internet, it can be cheaper to buy Coude Catheters online, however care should be taken to avoid products that are sub standard or not to requirement. roulette en ligne

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Use of coude catheter

Urinary problems can occur in old men and at such times special devices such as coude catheter can prove beneficial. With the advancement of online world lots of companies have started to produce them at a considerable rate and sell them at the online sites while some provide these services through other websites as well. … Continue reading